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Abidde, Sabella O. The Challenges of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa. Springer International Publishing AG, 2020.


This book discusses the phenomena of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP) across several African countries. There are 40 million IDP worldwide; of these, an estimated 12.6 million are in 37 of Africa’s 55 countries. Written by a team of fifteen scholars across four continents, this book uses both quantitative and qualitative data to analyze the causes and consequences of this displacement, the role of the state in creating and mitigating these situations, and potential policy solutions. The volume is divided into three sections. Chapters in Section 1 discuss the causes of displacement. Chapters in Section 2 discuss refugees in their regional context. Chapters in Section 3 discuss IDP camps in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. Bringing scholarly analysis to address two humanitarian crises, this book will be useful to students and researchers interested in African politics, forced migration, and policy as well as members of the diplomatic corps, governmental, and non-governmental organizations actively working towards solving these challenges.

Table of contents

  • Refugees and the Internally Displaced Persons in Africa
    Sabella O. Abidde
  • The Spatial Distribution of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Africa
    Augustine Avwunudiogba, Elisha J. Dung
  • African Migrants and Refugees in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Ivon Alcime, Brenda I. Gill, Elisha J. Dung
  • State Sovereignty-Non-Refoulement Nexus: Towards Sustainable Legal and Political Refugee Regime in Kenya
    Mercy Kathambi Kaburu
  • Refugees, Religion, and Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Roger B. Alfani
  • North African States as Agents of Europe’s Border Securitization: Tragic Ordeals of Young Refugee and Asylum Seekers from Africa
    Michael O. Nwalutu, Felicia I. Nwalutu
  • From the Margin to the Mainstream: Dealing with the Scourge of Transit Migrants in Morocco
    Seun Bamidele
  • IDPs of Boko Haram War, Emergency Rehabilitation and Human Rights Practice in Nigeria
    James Olusegun Adeyeri, Jackson A. Aluede
  • Tenuous Refuge: Probing Links Between (Il)legality of Urban Refugees in Kenya, Refugee Supports, and Host Country Integration
    Danielle Huot, Brent Doberstein, Carrie Mitchell
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in African Migrant/Refugee Population
    Kizito N. C. Okeke
  • Disparities Between Messages Heard at Home and Messages Sent Out by African Refugees in LAC “Safe Haven” Countries
    Ivon Alcime, Brenda I. Gill

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