New Research in Illiberalism: Illiberal Practices with Marlies Glasius, Steven Feldstein, and Nausica

The Never-Ending Story: General Vlasov in Post Soviet Collective Memory with Benjamin Tromly

Gendering Illiberalism with Andrea Pető.

The Challenge of Ethnopopulism and Authoritarian Rule in Europe with Milada Anna Vachudova

Illiberalism in Latin America. An online workshop

Why Autocrats Have Constitutions with Günter Frankenberg

Trajectories of Post Communist Regimes with Bálint Madlovics

A Dynamic Theory of Populism in Power: The Andes in Comparative Perspective with Julio F. Carrion

There Is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the Twenty-First Century with Fiona Hill

How to “un-do” illiberalism? Poland, Hungary, and the future of Europe with Agnieszka Bień-Kacała and Tímea Drinóczi.

Modi’s India: Hindu Nationalism and the Rise of Ethnic Democracy with Christophe Jaffrelot

Anti-Gender Politics in the Populist Moment with Elżbieta Korolczuk
Russian Cultural Conservatism Critiqued: “Gayropa”, “Juvenile Justice” and Lamenting the Incoherent State with Jeremy Morris
Russian Conservatism: Managing Change under Permanent Revolution with author Glenn Diesen
From the Frontlines: Migration to Southern and Eastern Europe Since 2015 with Anna Triandafyllidou and András Kováts
New Directions for France and the Mediterranean with Ambassador Karim Amellal
The Vlasov Case: History of a Betrayal with Andrey K. Sorokin, Tatiana V. Tsarevskaya-Dyakina, Michael David-Fox, Benjamin Tromly, and Oleg Beyda
Book Roundtable – Memory Politics and the Russian Civil War: Reds Versus Whites with authors Marlene Laruelle and Margarita Karnysheva
What is at Stake with Conservatism in Russia? with Paul Robinson, Mikhail Suslov, and Dmitry Uzlaner