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Journal of Illiberalism Studies

Volume 2, Number 2 (2022)

Pages: 1-101

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JIS-2022-1-Laruelle Schir

Eric Zemmour, The New Face of the French Far Right: Media-Sponsored, Neoliberal, and Reactionary

Périne Schir and Marlène Laruelle

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Frank Furedi Liberalism in an Illiberal Tone banner

Illiberal Liberalism: A Genealogy

Frank Furedi

pp 19 – 36  |  Full text  |  Download PDF

Tugberk Samur Karl Polani banner

Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation: The Critique of Liberalism and the Emergence of Illiberalism

Tuğberk Samur

pp 37 – 51  |  Full text  |  Download PDF

Andras Sajo Regimes of Cheating banner

Regimes of Cheating and the (A)morality of Illiberalism

András Sajó

pp 53 – 68  |  Full text  |  Download PDF

Paula Ganga Economic Nationalism Goes Global banner

Economic Nationalism Goes Global: Illiberal Governments Instrumentalizing Globalization in Eastern Europe

Paula Ganga

pp 69 – 85  |  Full text  |  Download PDF

Dimitri Sotiropoulos Liberal Democracy banner

Liberal Democracy in a Less-than-Liberal Context? The Case of Contemporary Greece

Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos

pp 87 – 101  |  Full text  |  Download PDF