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Journal of Illiberalism Studies

Volume 4, Number 1 (2024)

Pages: 1-96

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JIS 4.1.2024 social

Ethics of Studying Illiberalism in a Hyperconnected, Polycrisis-defined Era: An Introdcution to the Special Issue

Gulnaz Sibgatullina

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Mondon i-was-gonna fight fascism banner

I Was Gonna Fight Fascism… The Need for a Critical Approach to Illiberalism

Aurelien Mondon

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Hennig The Ambivilance of the Liberal Illiberal Dynamic banner

The Ambivalence of the Liberal-Illiberal Dynamic

Anja Hennig

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Halmai illiberal constitutionalization and scholarly resistance banner

Illiberal Constitutionalization and Scholarly Resistance: The Cases of Israel and Hungary

Gábor Halmai

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Cebulak Scholarly Activism for the Rule of Law in the EU banner

Scholarly Activism for the Rule of Law in the EU

Pola Cebulak

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Laruelle Navigating Ethical Issues in Studying Illiberalism banner

Wrestling with Ethical Issues in Studying Illiberalism: Some Remarks from the U.S. Context

Marlene Laruelle

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Sibgatullina Research on Conservative Islam in Europe banner

Research on Conservative Islam in Europe: Navigating Ethical Considerations

Gulnaz Sibgatullina

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Vaughan Success and Harm When Researching the Far Right banner

Success and Harm When Researching the Far Right: Researcher Safety as Epistemic Exclusion

Antonia Vaughan

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Bockmann et al The Right to Not Appear banner

The Right to (Not) Appear: A Conversation on Institutional Obligations and Ethics of Care in Researching Illiberalism

Larissa Böckmann, Marija Petrovska, Luiza Bialasiewicz, and Sarah de Lange

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