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Journal of Illiberalism Studies

Volume 1, Number 1 (2021)

Pages: 1-96

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Elites and Institutions in the Russian Thermidor banner image

Elites and Institutions in the Russian Thermidor: Regime Instrumentalism, Entrepreneurial Signaling, and Inherent Illiberalism

Julian Waller

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The Italian Great Convergence banner image

The Great Convergence: How the Italian Far Right and COVID Deniers Tried to Seize the Momentum

Giovanni Savino

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The New French Knight banner image

The New Knight: The French Far Right’s View of the Middle Ages

Stéphane François

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Makarychev Visual Biopolitics banner

Visual Biopolitics: Outlining a Research (Sub)field

Andrey Makarychev

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Political Street Stickers banner image

Political Street Stickers in Resistance to Biopower in Poland: The Case of Krakow During the 2020 Polish Presidential Election Campaign

Michael Cole

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art_m_ind (1) (1)

India’s Third Gender and Visual Politics

Sami Siva

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