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Postliberal America? A Platform for Discourse

Is liberalism dead? Does it need to be reinvented? Has liberal order become disorder? How should we understand dynamic changes on the Right and Left of the political spectrum, including illiberal, conservative, far-right, and new left/post-left challenges to the political establishment?

This online series is a new platform to explore and exchange divergent philosophical, political, and theoretical visions of this new ideational expanse. The need for Americans and others in the West to re-engage with each other has never been so important—and this is as true for scholars operating within and outside the narrowing bounds of accepted opinion in the academy as it is for the average citizen.

This project welcomes and seeks out analytical pieces written from a scholarly perspective that come from a variety of epistemic and political viewpoints. There are a great many traditions of political philosophy, theory, history, and social science which are sometimes under-represented in contemporary debates. We seek to solve this for the sake of renewing dialogue across disparate frames of reference, research agendas, and ideological motivations. The end of the end of history has come, and we might as well understand what is happening—and what may be in store.

Submit your piece (around 800-1,500 words) to to be reviewed by our Advisory Board. Please include citations as hyperlinks within the text rather than footnotes or endnotes.

This is an ongoing series that accepts submissions on a rolling basis.