Marta Lorimer on European Politics, “Ideological Resources,” and the Mainstreaming of the Far Right

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Marta, thanks for joining us, and congratulations on your Europe as Ideological Resource: European Integration and Far Right Legitimation in France and Italy. I wanted to start with some definitional…

Carolyn Gallaher on the Alt-right, White Identity Politics, and America’s Militia Movements

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In your article “Mainstreaming White Supremacy: A Twitter Analysis of the American 'Alt-Right,’” you discuss White identity politics. Some conservatives reject the notion of identity politics, but the so-called Alt-right…

Eviane Leidig on the Women of the Far Right, Social Media, and Transnational Illiberalism

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Eviane, in your recent book, The Women of the Far Right, you explore the fascinating world of far-right women who are also influencers. You talk about the parasocial relationship that these women…

Bradley Onishi on White Christian Nationalism, Trumpism, and January 6th

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Thanks for joining us Bradley and congratulations on your book Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism and What Comes Next. I want to start with a…

Michael Minkenberg and Zsuzsanna Végh on the Radical Right in Eastern Europe and its Effect on Liberal Democracy.

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Thanks for joining us, Michael and Zsuzsanna. I wanted to start with your new book Depleting Democracies: Radical Right Impact on Parties, Policies, and Polities in Eastern Europe. Early on…

Yascha Mounk on Populism, Critical Race Theory, and Defending Liberal Democracy

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Yascha Mounk, thank you for joining us. I wanted to begin with Persuasion, your community on Substack. Why do you think it's important to have this defense of free speech…

Sheri Berman on Populism’s Causes and Effects, Neoliberalism, and the “Fascism Debate.”

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To launch the discussion, I was hoping you would talk us through the debate over the causes of right-wing populism, i.e., the supply-side and demand-side explanations. Because academically, I think…

Teun A. van Dijk on Populism, Ideology, Discursive Strategies, and the Reactionary Right

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Teun, thank you very much for joining us. Your work has long been located at the intersection of studying racism, ideology, and discourse. I’d like to start there, as you…

Giorgos Venizelos on Populism in Power, and the Similarities and Differences of Left and Right-wing Populists

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Giorgos, you have recently published the insightful Populism in Power: Discourse and Performativity in SYRIZA and Donald Trump. As the title suggests, you conceive of populism as “a performative mode…

Rogers Brubaker on Populism, Technocracy, and Hyperconnectivity

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Rogers, unlike some scholars of populism, you define populism along two dimensions: the vertical, characterized by inequality between groups, and the horizontal, describing the differences between insiders and outsiders. Can you…

Zsolt Enyedi on Ideologies of Autocratization, Illiberalism, and Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.

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Zsolt, thank you very much for joining us. You have just published a working paper entitled “Ideologies of Autocratization.” In it, you point to the various ideologies that underlay autocratization…

James J. Fahey on Populism, Democracy, and Voter Attitudes

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James, you’ve made a great contribution to the discourse on populism’s relationship with democracy, noting that the election of populists decreases non-populist voters’ satisfaction with democracy. As you and your…

Josh Vandiver on Masculinism, Fascism, and the Alt-Right

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In your May 2020 article, “Alt-Virilities: Masculinism, Rhizomatics, and the Contradictions of the American Alt-Right” you discuss the lack of research on masculine elements of fascist movements. What is masculinism…

Daniel Stevens on Authoritarianism, Political Advertising, and Insecurity

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Daniel, you have recently published a paper on the relationship between authoritarianism and wanting to leave the EU. Can you summarize for us the main findings? The paper builds on…
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Petra Guasti on Technocratic Populism and the Covid-19 Global Pandemic

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Petra, you're currently working on a sort of meta-literature review on populism and pandemic, can you give us a 'preview' of what the main findings are? With Mattia Zulianello (University…

Benjamin R. Teitelbaum on Looking at the Far Right as a Culture

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Benjamin, you are an ethnomusicologist by training. How did you move from ethnomusicology to studying the far right and the role of music in far-right culture? Do you think we…
Charlotte McDonald-Gibson banner

Charlotte McDonald-Gibson on Alienation, Radicalization, and Extremism

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Charlotte, you just released your new book, Far Out: Encounters with Extremists, a fascinating dive into the extremist realm. One of the themes that emerges from your encounters is a…
Natalie Koch banner (1)

Natalie Koch on Authoritarianism and Cults of Personality

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Natalie, your research on political geographies has brought you closer to the study of authoritarianism and/or illiberalism. In the recent collective volume you edited, Spatializing Authoritarianism, you write about the…
Philipp Lottholz banner

Philipp Lottholz on Post-Liberalism in Central Asia

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Philipp, you just published Post-Liberal Statebuilding in Central Asia. Imagineries, Discourses, and Practices of Social Ordering. Could you first tell why post-liberalism seems to you the right conceptual framework to…
Levente Littvay

Levente Littvay on Contending with and Measuring Populism

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Levente, you have been working on populism both in Europe and in the US. Let’s begin with your research on political psychology. You look at the sometimes conspiratorial nature of…

Marc Lazar on French and Italian politics and peoplecracy

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Marc, France has just entered a new political phase, with Emmanuel Macron embarking on his second term in office. But some weeks later he did not succeed to obtain the…
Jack Bratich

Jack Z. Bratich on Microfascism

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Jack, you just published On Microfascism. Can you begin by giving us a definition of the term? How is it different from previously conceived notions of fascism? Most studies of…
Halil Yenigun

Halil Yenigun on illiberalism and authoritarianism in Turkey

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Halil, you have just published a great chapter on Turkey in the Routledge Handbook of Illiberalism. Oftentimes, we tend to use several concepts such as populism, illiberalism, and authoritarianism simultaneously,…
Vit Hlousek banner

Vít Hloušek on illiberal trends in Central Europe

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Vít, you have been working on political transformations in Central Europe. In Differential Illiberalism: Classifying Illiberal Trends in Central European Party Politics, you explain that each Central European country has…
Bruno-Tertrais banner

Bruno Tertrais on Geopolitics and the Past

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Bruno, you have published The Revenge of History (La revanche de l’histoire), a book devoted to the role of the past in today’s world. Do you see the “return of…
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Tanja A. Börzel and Michael Zürn on liberalism and the postnational Liberal International Order

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Tanja and Michael, you work on the liberal script and its contestations. How do you see Russia’s war against Ukraine impacting the field of liberalism? Some, like Francis Fukuyama, seem…
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Seyward Darby on Women and Extremism

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In Sisters in Hate, you discuss the “soft power” that women bring to the hate movement. What are the different ways women’s soft power contributes to the hate movement and…

Rada Iveković on Nationalism and Social Transformations

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Rada, you have been an acute observer of our societies’ transformations for decades. I would like to begin our discussion by looking at Russia’s war against Ukraine. How does the…
Mondon and Winter banner 2

Aurelien Mondon and Aaron Winter on Illiberalism and Reactionary Democracy

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In 2020, you published a reference book, Reactionary Democracy. How Racism and the Populist Far Right Became Mainstream. Let’s begin by discussing a methodological and epistemological question. In your book,…
Tomas Gold banner

Tomás Gold on illiberalism in Latin America

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You have been working on illiberal movements and populism in Latin America. In your article “The Rise of the Contentious Right,” co-authored with Alejandro Peña, you talk about the ways…

Joshua A. Tait on American Conservatism

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Joshua, you work on U.S. conservative intellectual traditions. In a recent Twitter thread you offer that the right’s power will remain potent for the next couple decades—at least. Can you…
Milada Vachudova banner

Milada Anna Vachudova on Ethnopopulism

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How profoundly is Russia's war against Ukraine transforming Europe? As I write this, it is already the 25th day of Russia's brutal war against Ukraine. The world is admiring the incredible…

Ruth Wodak on far-right populism and shame

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Ruth, you have been working for years on populism from a linguistic and semiotic perspective–an approach that remains under-studied in the global political science-oriented discussions on populism. You recently published…

Andrea Pető on gender and illiberalism

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Andrea, you have been working for years on gender and populism/illiberalism, and more recently on issues of academic freedom in illiberal environments. Let’s begin with a broad question. In your…
Steven Livingston banner

Steven Livingston on democracy and illiberalism

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Steven, you have been working for years on media ecosystems and their role in our liberal democracies. You recently co-edited The Disinformation Age in 2019 and are currently leading a…
Marco Garrido banner

Marco Garrido on illiberalism in the Philippines

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Marco, in your book The Patchwork City: Class, Space, and Politics in Metro Manila, you discuss how neoliberal reforms have impacted the Philippine middle class and reshaped urban social structures…

Yuval Shany and Mordechai Kremnitzer on democracy in Israel

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In a recent article, you compare Israel, Poland, and Hungary, looking at measures directed at limiting the power of the judiciary and civil society. What are the main differences and…
Lenka Buštíková banner

Lenka Buštíková on illiberalism in Eastern and Central Europe

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Your book, Extreme Reactions: Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe, seeks to explain why there is strong support in Eastern Europe for radical right parties. Could you expand a little…
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Stijn van Kessel on populism and Euroscepticism

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Stijn, you work on populism, Euroscepticism, and pro-European activism. Let’s begin by discussing the relationship of populist parties with the European Union. How has Brexit influenced European populists when it came…
Daniele Albertazzi headshot

Daniele Albertazzi on the radical and extreme right in Italy and Switzerland

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Daniele, you have been working on Italian populist and radical right movements and recently co-authored Populism in Europe: Lessons from Umberto Bossi’s Northern League. Can we begin by discussing what…
Hilary Silver headshot

Hilary Silver on left-wing xenophobia

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Hilary, you recently published with your Brown University doctoral student, Svenja Kopyciok an article on left-wing xenophobia in Europe and, counter-intuitively, you found a surprisingly large share of those who…

Mabel M. Berezin on fascism, populism, and the January 6 coup

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Mabel, I would like to begin with a broad question on your global approach, as your work has focused on the link between cultural and political sociology. Your first book…

Emmy Eklundh on left-wing illiberalism

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Emmy, let’s start with a question about the broad conceptual framework on which your work is based, namely the role of emotions in politics and its connection to populism. Could…

Anna Grzymala-Busse on the different contexts of populism

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Anna, you have been working for several years on political parties, political competition, and parties exiting from the communist system. What is the role of ideology in this transformation and…

Reece Peck on Fox News’ blue-collar conservatism

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Reece, you published a few years ago Fox Populism. Branding Conservatism as Working Class, a major piece on research on the transformation of rightist political culture in the US. In…

Armando Chaguaceda on democratic decay in Latin America

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Armando, you have been working on democratization; democratic decay, populism and authoritarianism; and the role of global powers such as Russia and China in Latin American politics. Let’s begin with…

A. James McAdams on far-right thinkers and democracy

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Jim, you just edited Contemporary Far-Right Thinkers and the Future of Liberal Democracy with Alejandro Castrillon.* Could you tell us the story behind the project and what you were aiming…

Péter Krekó on Hungary as a force for illiberalism

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Much of your work has focused on Hungary, particularly on the weakening of democratic values under Viktor Orbán. Your article, Explaining Eastern Europe: Orbán's Laboratory of Illiberalism, makes the claim…

Jürgen Rüland on illiberalism in South East Asia

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Jürgen, a decade ago you co-authored Give Jesus a Hand! Charismatic Christians: Populist Religion and Politics in the Philippines. A decade later, how has charismatic Christianity evolved in the Philippines?…

Emre Erdoğan and Tuğçe Erçetin on populism in Turkey

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Tuğçe and Emre, in your research on populism in Turkey, you insist on the construction of a “we-ness” in order to mobilize voters. In today’s Turkey, who is the “we,” the…

Elżbieta Korolczuk on gender and politics in Poland

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Elżbieta, you have been working on the intersection of gender and politics in Poland. To begin with a broad question, do you see in the rise of right-wing populism—as embodied…

Cynthia Miller-Idriss on the Mainstreamization of Extremist Ideas

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Cynthia, you have been working on many different aspects of far-right culture, but I would like us to begin with your seminal Hate in the Homeland: The New Global Far…

Fabio de Sa e Silva on illiberal trends in Brazil

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Fabio, you work on the role of lawyers in building illiberalism. We tend to see lawyers as the victims of illiberal governance. Yet in one of your latest articles, “From…

Melani McAlister on global evangelicalism

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Melani, in The Kingdom of God Has No Borders: A Global History of American Evangelicals, you invite the reader to move outside of the U.S. case to capture the incredible…

Paris Aslanidis on populism as a collective action frame

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Paris, you have been working on the notion of populism for years, and in a major article, you refute the vision of populism as a (thin) ideology in favor of…

Takis S. Pappas on conceptualizing populism

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In your book Populism and Liberal Democracy: A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis (Oxford, 2019), you speak of democratic illiberalism, thereby reversing the terms used in Zakaria’s famous text on illiberal…

Phillip W. Gray on the Alt-Right agenda and intellectual genealogy

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Phillip, in “Revealing the Alt-Right: Exploring Alt-Right History, Thinkers and Ideas for Public Officials,” you discuss how the slow death of “fusional” mainstream conservatism has resulted in the explosion of…

Seán Hanley on the rise of illiberalism in Czechia

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In your research on Central Europe, you criticized the way in which scholars have assumed, based on rational and historical institutionalist arguments, that the region would democratize. Have we missed…

Jose Javier Olivas Osuna on the populist radical-right in Spain

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Jose Javier, you have been working on Spain and Portugal and on their military culture. I would like to begin our discussion with a broad question on that legacy. Do you…

Paweł Surowiec on media, public diplomacy, and illiberalism

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Paweł, the literature on democratic backsliding tends to underplay the role of media as structurally altering political dynamics. You have been researching the articulation between media and the rise of…

Zsolt Körtvélyesi on illiberalism in Hungary

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Zsolt, you recently co-authored a significant article, “The ‘Insecurity Toolbox’ of the Illiberal Regime: Rule by Law and Rule by Exclusion,” that explains the three key securitization mechanisms used by…

Aliaksei Kazharski on far right populism in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia

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Aliaksei, you have been working for several years on Slovak populist parties. Can you briefly tell us about their similarities to—and differences from—those in the other Central European countries? Slovakia…

Tímea Drinóczi and Agnieszka Bień-Kacała on illiberal constitutionalism in Hungary and Poland

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Tímea and Agnieszka, you will soon be publishing Illiberal Constitutionalism in Poland and Hungary: The Deterioration of Democracy, Misuse of Human Rights and Abuse of the Rule of Law (Routledge).…

Mitchell A. Orenstein and Maria Snegovaya on the political economy of populism in Central Europe

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You have been working, both together and individually, on the political economy of populism. Could you tell us why you think this understudied aspect of populism is key to understanding…

Filippo Costa Buranelli on illiberal solidarism and authoritarian cooperation in Central Asia

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You have been working in the framework of the English School on the transformation of the world order and the structuring of authoritarian and/or illiberal regimes, looking at the case…

Alexandra Yatsyk and Andrey Makarychev on illiberal biopolitics

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You have both been working for several years on the concept of biopolitics as applied to Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia. Can we talk about the rise of an…

Christophe Jaffrelot on India’s growing national-populism

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Christophe Jaffrelot on the Transformation of India into an Illiberal Democracy, the Rise of Hindu Nationalism, and Modi’s National-Populism as India’s Upper-Class Counter-Revolution

Jérôme Jamin on American illiberal democracy

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Jérôme, you worked for a long time on the populist tradition in the United States. Can you tell us its main defining characteristics on the Republican spectrum? There is a…

Samy Cohen on Israel’s illiberal governance

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Would you qualify Israel as an “illiberal democracy,” i.e., as a country that has functional democratic institutions but where public opinion is shifting toward illiberal values?  Israel is a hybrid…

Václav Štětka and Sabina Mihelj on illiberal attitudes and media in Central Europe

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Václav and Sabina, you run a research project called The Illiberal Turn. As our program is called the Illiberalism Studies Program, I first would like your assessment of the term—adjective…

Colin Dueck on Trump’s foreign policy

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Your new book, Age of Iron: On Conservative Nationalism, defines conservative nationalism as one of the central features of the Republican Party’s culture over decades. Could you briefly summarize for…

Noah Tucker on jihadist ideology and European populism

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You have been following jihadism for several years, trying to disentangle the personal trajectory of jihadists and our ideological (mis)reading of the reasons for their engagement. Could you tell us…

David Lewis on Carl Schmitt and Russian conservatism

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David, you just published Russia’s New Authoritarianism. Putin and the Politics of Order . You explain that the Russian regime has been articulating a “chaos versus order” narrative as one of its…

Cas Mudde on threats to democracy and the far right in the US

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Our program uses the term of illiberalism. It defines it as a strain of political culture that, over the past two decades, has emerged in response to liberalism as experienced by various…

Jean-Yves Camus on the far right in France

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You have been following the political situation in France very closely for several decades. How do you see the evolution of the National Rally? Is the ‘normalization’ process successful, especially…