Journal of Illiberalism Studies

Volume 1, Number 2 (2021)

Pages: 1-89

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Political Conversion to Islam Among the European Right

Gulnaz Sibgatullina and Tahir Abbas

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White Rex, White Nationalism, and Combat Sport: The Production of a Far-Right Cultural Scene

René Nissen, Kiril Avramov, and Jason Roberts

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Documents Accuse: The Post-Soviet Memory Politics of Genocide

Paula Chan

pp 39 – 57  |  Full text  |  Download PDF

Forging the Body of the New Ukrainian Nation: Sport as a Gramscist Tool for the Ukrainian Far Right

Adrien Nonjon

pp 59 – 74  |  Full text  |  Download PDF

Owning and Disowning the Female Body: Mediating Gender and the Conservative Values Clash in Kazakhstan

Aida Naizabekova

pp 75 89 |  Full text  |  Download PDF