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Sloan, Stanley R. Defense of the West: Transatlantic security from Truman to Trump. Manchester University Press, 2020.


Written in a lively and readable style by the world’s leading authority on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and US-European relations, Defense of the West is the history of a transatlantic security relationship that has endured for over seventy years.

This latest edition of a classic work looks at how developments inside NATO and European Union member states affect their ability to defend against external threats while preserving Western values, in the era of Trump and Brexit.

Sloan frankly addresses the failures and shortcomings of Western institutions and member states. But the book emphasizes the continuing importance of value-based transatlantic security cooperation as a vital element of the defense and foreign policies of NATO and EU member states.

At a time of heightened tension and political turmoil, at home and abroad, Stan Sloan’s lucid and far-sighted analysis is more necessary than ever.

Table of Contents

  • Part I: Cold War alliance
    • 1 The transatlantic bargain and defense of the West
    • 2 Genesis of the bargain
    • 3 The transatlantic bargain revised
    • 4 The bargain through the Cold War, 1954-1989
    • 5 The United States and Europe at the end of the Cold War: some fundamental factors
  • Part II: Post-Cold War alliance
    • 6 The 1990s: transitions and challenges
    • 7 The 2000s: turbulent transatlantic ties
    • 8 The 2010s: new tasks, new traumas
  • Part III: Defense of the West
    • 9 External threats and internal challenges
    • 10 Can the West survive?

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